Chia-ying Jackie Lee

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

email: chiaying at

About me

I focus on developing machine learning, AI driven systems.

Previous Life

I've successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis.

I was a graduate student working with Dr. James Glass at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) of MIT. I applied machine learning techniques to let computers discover linguistic knowledge of a language from a large amount of speech data.

I've spent years studying machine learning, statistical inference, speech recognition, natural language processing, and computational cognitive science. I enjoy building probabilistic models to gain useful knowledge from a massive amount of data.

Besides building probabilistic models and deriving inference algorithms, I also have hands-on experiences in deep learning (I implemented a library in C++ for constructing various neural nets, with a focus on recurrent neural nets, during one of my summer internships before any of the current deep learning libraries became available). I have also worked on HMM-based speech synthesis and statistical machine translation.

Last but not least, I genuinely enjoy the process of looking for problems, brainstorming for innovative solutions, and implementing them.


Here's my CV. [pdf]


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Beyond research

I run, I dance and I take photos.

I participated in quite a few student organizations at MIT. To name just a few, I was a member and the president of the CSAIL Student Committee, the co-president of Graduate Women in Course 6 (GW6), and the chief organizer of CSAIL Student Workshop (CSW) 2009.

Last updated: 11/15/2021